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An Open Letter from friends of The Front Porch Arts Collective


To: David T. Slatery, Acting Executive Director, Massachusetts Cultural Council
Mayor Marty Walsh, City of Boston
Mayor Joseph Curtatone, City of Somerville
Mayor Sumbul Siddiqui, City of Cambridge
Kara Elliott-Ortega, Chief of Arts and Culture, City of Boston

The Front Porch Arts Collective is Boston’s premiere Black theatre company, committed to advancing racial equity through the arts, and deserves to be funded accordingly for their nationally-recognized, award-winning work. In addition to their theatrical productions, The Porch has an extensive educational arm that has mentored high school and college students of color, hired a diverse group of assistant directors, and pioneered a young critics program to develop the next generation of arts critics. They have accomplished all of this with a volunteer staff, and an annual operating budget of approximately $60,000, largely by partnering with several mid-size area theatres. 

There is a significant discrepancy between the funding opportunities for The Porch and their partner organizations. For example, in FY20, the Massachusetts Cultural Council granted each of The Porch’s co-producers more than $20,000 while The Porch received only $2,500 in general operating funds. The area’s largest cultural institutions received $60,000. This funding gap gets reinforced by foundation support and individual donors, creating “Philanthropic Redlining” that significantly disadvantages organizations run by Black men and women. We are heartened to learn that there are foundations beginning to address the inequities, but our public dollars have a responsibility to right the balance. 

We, the undersigned, ask that The Front Porch Arts Collective receive:

  • A $60,000 annual commitment from the MCC for the next 5 Years

  • A $10,000 annual commitment from the cities of Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville for the next 5 years 

  • An annual public “Equity Audit” on all state and local arts funding. 

We have the opportunity to radically alter not only the financial future for an organization, but the very cultural landscape of Massachusetts. The Porch has only just begun their work for this community, and with extremely limited means - imagine what they could accomplish if granted to do so. As Anita Walker said in June, now is the time to move beyond statements of support, and take concrete steps to combat racism. 

It is well-past time to pay The Porch.


This site will be regularly updated.

A. Nora Long, Needham, MA
Christie Gibson, Boston, MA
Gillian Mackay-Smith, Salem, MA
Sara Brookner, Somerville, MA
Ramona King, Boston, MA
Lynn A Wilcott, Boston, MA
Melissa Paradice, Scituate, MA
Alexandra Smith, Boston, MA
Dana Jay Bein, Cambridge, MA
Jen Lewis, Medford, MA
Louise Hamill, Medford, MA
Darren Evans, Charlestown, MA
Joseph Marrella, Framingham, MA
Joe Juknievich, Medford, MA
Carrie Ross, Boston, MA
Sarah Jacobs, Canton, MA
Shelley Barish, Ashland, MA
Rebecca Zielinski, Salem, MA
Evan Turissini, Boston, MA
Meg O'Brien, Quincy, MA
David Kurimsky, Boston, MA
Georgia Lyman, Roxbury, MA
Elaine Vaan Hogue, New Braintree, MA
kiki samko, Boston, MA
Michael A, Greschler, Cambridge, MA
Laura Neill, Austin, TX
Danielle Perry, Braintree, MA
Amy S. West, Arlington, MA
Bethany Ford, Roslindale, MA
Michael Levesque, Newton, MA
Sarah Shin, Brooklyn, NY
Kathleen Chadwick, Melrose, MA
Lucy, Lincoln, MA
Clea Winneg, Boston, MA
Jake Mariño, Boston, MA
Maggie Markham, Brighton, MA
Christine Hamel, Arlington, MA
Kathryn Ballinger, Brighton, MA
Emma Watt, Somerville, MA
Ciera-Sadé Wade, Roslindale, MA
Jennie Israel, Boston, MA
Aden Hakimi, Brooklyn, NY
Ilana Brownstein, Boston, MA
Noah Tobin, Boston, MA
Alex Lonati, Boston, MA
Leslie Sears, Dalton, MA
Nick Perron, Medford, MA
Jessica Ernst, Boston, MA
Adele Nadine Traub, Boston, MA
Peter Walsh, Boston, MA
Adriana Alvarez, Boston, MA
Kate Franklin, Boston, MA
Clarice Reiner, Boston, MA
Rosalind Bevan, Brookline, MA
laura sullivan, Winthrop, MA
SpeakEasy Stage, Boston, MA
Alice Byrne, Boston, MA
Jude Torres, Allston, MA
Joelle Carson, Salem, MA
Nikki Olusanya, Quincy, MA
Catherine Giorgetti, Boston, MA
Abigail Wang, Boston, MA
Sarah Gazdowicz, Cambridge, MA
Amy Spalletta, Plymouth, MA
Aja M Jackson, Brighton, MA
Stewart Evan Smith Jr., Chelsea, MA
Mavis Manaloto, Boston, MA
Deidre Purcell, Lowell, MA
Micaela Slotin, Malden, MA
Dustin Bell, Jamaica Plain, MA
Marge Dunn, Jamaica Plain, MA
Paige Clark, Marlboro, MA
Daniel Blackwell, Somerville, MA
Justin Peavey, Boston, MA
Jessica Malone, Somerville, MA
Thomas H. James, Boston, MA
Timothee Courouble, Dorchester, MA
Elizabeth Yvette Ramirez, Malden, MA
Anna Waldron, Wakefield, MA
Cheryl D Singleton, Boston, MA
Timothy Hoover, Somerville, MA
Rebecca Schneebaum, Boston, MA
Jasmine Brooks, Boston, MA
Tyler Prendergast, Boston, MA
Kira Rockwell, Boston, MA
Viviana Vargas, New Hyde Park, NY
Elizabeth Addison, Hyde Park, MA
Hannah Beebe, Boston, MA
Anneke Reich, Boston, MA
Elena Morris, Jamaica Plain, MA
Mindy Cimini, Arlington, MA
Bridget Anderson, Duxbury, MA
Chloe Siegman, Chicago, IL
Michael John Ciszewskk, Somerville, MA
Bryn Boice, Medford, MA
Adrianne Krstansky and Ted Hewlett, Watertown, MA
Jessie Baxter, Boston, MA
Rachael Bergeron, Methuen, MA
Avital Shira, Cambridge, MA
Micaleen Rodgers, Boston, MA
M Sloth Levine, Brooklyn, NY
Sarah Schneider, Brighton, MA
Sylvia Perich, Braintree, MA
Lorraine Kanyike, Boston, MA
Kelly Smith, Boston, MA
Andrew Child, Boston, MA
Jonathan Acorn, Merrimac, MA
Danielle elegy, Brookline, MA
Nael Nacer, Brookline, MA
Margaret Clark, Boston, MA
Adrienne Drew Boris, Brookline, MA
Laurie Singletary, Cambridge, MA
Sophia Balsamo, Princeton, NJ
Shira Gitlin, Boston, MA
Julie Marie Langevin, Stoneham, MA
Pier Lamia Porter, Boston, MA
marianna bassham, Cambridge, MA
Grace Trapnell, Boston, MA
Christopher Webb, Arlington, MA
Katie Elimoff, Boston, MA
Rebecca Elowe, Somerville, MA
Olivia Dumaine, Brighton, MA
Emily Friedlander, Boston, MA
Maggie Hall, Providence, RI
Hannah Antman, Chicago, IL
Josie Bray, Dorchester, MA
Brian Dudley, Somerville, MA
Emma Futhey, Allston, MA
Maddie Kartoz, Brookline, MA
Andrew Palmacci, Arlington, MA
Sean Patrick Gibbons, Boston, MA
Julie A. Hennrikus, Somerville, MA
Jonathan Carr, Arlington, MA
Alex Leondedis, Brighton, MA
Alicia Powell, Boston, MA
Bridgitte Brown, Boston, MA
Catherine Carr Kelly, Cambridge, MA
Jenna McFarland Lord, Framingham, MA
Emme Shaw, Gloucester, MA
Nick Vargas, Boston, MA
Maura Tighe, Scituate, MA
Fatimah Mateen, Watertown, MA
Lauren Corcuera, Watertown, MA
Paul Lang, Somerville, MA
Michelle Creedon, Tewksbury, MA
Leilani Ricardo, Malden, MA
Sharon hart, Northborough, MA
Shauwna Grillo, Boston, MA
Dan Jentzen, Chestnut Hill, MA
Nick Malakhow, Cambridge, MA
Janelle Mills, Allston, MA
Kevin J. P. Hanley, Boston, MA
Surrey Houlker, Boston, MA
J. Cottle, Boston, MA
Alexander Platt, Boston, MA
Sarah Cohan, Boston, MA
christina gleason, Watertown, MA
Christina English, Boston, MA
Tatiana Gil, Dorchester, MA
Kendyl Trott, Boston, MA
Janie Penn, Wellesley, MA
Eve Summer, Dudley, MA
Issel Solano-Sanchez, Boston, MA
William Neely, Salem, MA
Rebecca Glick, Cranston, RI
Victoria Brancazio, Somerville, MA
Charles Haugland, Boston, MA
Alexis Scheer, Brookline, MA
Rachel Corning, Boston, MA
Madison Williams, Boston, MA
Jacey L. Rutledge, Arlington, MA
Nathan Malin, Allston, MA
Patrick Gabridge, Medford, MA
Desiré Bennett, Jamaica Plain, MA
Wanda Strukus, Melrose, MA
Barbara Douglass, Newton, MA
Jade Guerra, MA
Jeffrey Petersen, Boston, MA
John J King, Boston, MA
Tom Berry, Haverhill, MA
Rowen Halpin, Boston, MA
Chamblin Carmellite, Malden, MA
Jesse Garlick, Brookline, MA
Kristin Reeves, Boston, MA
Kathryn McKellar, Somerville, MA
Christine Lawrence, Natick, MA
Micah Rosegrant, Allston, MA
Jennifer Bubriski, Cambridge, MA
Angela Dogani, Allston, MA
Alec Wysoker, Cambridge, MA
Elizabeth A Rocha, Arlington, MA
Yejia Chen, Cambridge, MA
Jessica H Rosen, Chelmsford, MA
Katelyn Flowers, Somerville, MA
Regine Vital, Somerville, MA
Allison Penn, Cambridge, MA
Whitney Wade, Cambridge, MA
Cat Meilus, Malden, MA
Forest Handford, Fitchburg, MA
Kimberly MacCormack, Jamaica Plain, MA
Erin Anderson, Boston, MA
Tynika Booth, Cambridge, MA
Paige MacDonald, Boston, MA
Eric Kemp-Benedict, Watertown, MA
Prateek Poddar, Belmont, MA
Cassandra Lovering, Newton, MA
Kaley Bachelder, Boston, MA
Laura Wanberg, Lynn, MA
Kara Fili, Medford, MA
Elizabeth Dray Arlington, MA
Chelsea Beatty, Brookline, MA
Gigi Watson, Somerville, MA
Sebastien Garbe, Allston, MA
Michelle M. Aguillon, Reading, MA
Marianne Harkless, Milton, MA
Josh Telepman, Northborough, MA
Marissa Friedman, Somerville, MA
Marge Buckley, Minneapolis, MN
Andrea Rodríguez Josoy, Boston, MA
Colin Long, Brookline, MA
Teresa Langford, Brooklyn, NY
Nancy Nelson, Newton Highlands, MA
Emma Putnam, Arlington, MA
James Wyrwicz, Brooklyn, NY
Rainier Pearl-Styles, Boston, MA
Shawna Ciampa, Billerica, MA
Ekemini Ekpo, Austin, TX
Jolie Frazer-Madge, Boston, MA
Ruva Chigwedere, Cambridge, MA
Erin Solomon, Boston, MA
Jessica Foster, Canton, MA
Aliza Kenney, Boston, MA
Nathaniel Scott, Quincy, MA
Akili Jamal Haynes, Boston, MA
Jacob C. McDonald, Clinton, MA
Christian Krenek, Medford, MA
Tyler Kemp-Benedict, Watertown, MA
Kitty Drexel, Somerville, MA
Lindsay Fuori, Brighton, MA
Melissa Ehlers, Melrose, MA
James Merenda, Jamaica Plain, MA
Ashley Preston, Salem, MA
Ian, Boston, MA
Jennifer Kurtley, Los Angeles, CA
Alissa J Cordeiro, Somerville, MA
Isaiah M Plovnick, Brookline, MA
Damon Singletary, Cambridge, MA
Elektra T. Newman, Watertown, MA
Shelley MacAskill, Somerville, MA
Kevin Paquette, Charlestown, MA
Daniel Boudreau, Waltham, MA
Amy Bennett-Zendzian, Malden, MA
Alexander Cox, Halifax, MA
Kevin Lowney, Weymouth, MA
Justin Lahue, Boston, MA
Daniel Begin, Medford, MA
Catherine Seaver, Boston, MA
Luz Lopez, Methuen, MA
Brigitte Keavey, Boston, MA
Holly Newman, Jamaica Plain
Riley Fox Hillyer, Boston, MA
Katie Suchyta, Brighton, MA
Beatriz Caria, Nashua, NH
craig mathers, Boston, MA
Lauren scott, Quincy, MA
Melissa Lin, Waltham MA
Laura Latreille, Brookline, MA
Kaylah Dixon, Somerville, MA
Jack Chylinski, Medford, MA
Victoria Graceffa, Quincy, MA
Alejandra Parrilla, Miami, FL
Juanita Barrera, Boston, MA
Blake Pilger, Boston, MA
River Pilger, Los Angleles, CA
Morgan Grenier, Allston, MA
Lang Haynes, Cambridge, MA
Julian Raharjo Drummond, Cambridge, MA
Jill Doucette, Bedford, NH
Sara Burns, Nashville, TN
Isabella Smith, Berkeley, CA
Kendra Jain, Brooklyn, NY
Claire Koenig, Providence, RI
Emily J Edelstein, Lexington, MA
Clara Ives, Newton, MA
Colin Anderson, Boston, MA
Melissa deJesus, Salem, MA
Amanda Collins, Boston, MA
Lewis D. Wheeler, Boston, MA
Alyssa Krinsky, Brookline, MA
Mel & Dani Garber-Letitia, Boston, MA
Leah M Riklin, Cambridge, MA
Heather Stern, Swampscott, MA
Andrew Dembling, Newton, MA
Marilyn J Plotkins, Arlington, MA
Kimberly Pheymannicie, Fitchburg, MA
Alex Bloemendal, Cambridge, MA
Liana Asim, Brookline, MA
Sarah Karpovich, Baltimore, MD
Ross Wick, Brighton, MA
Ivy Ryan, Jamaica Plain, MA
Aneesa Sonawalla, Cambridge, MA
Mal Malme, Cambridge, MA
Lee Phenne, Arlington, MA
Sandra Graham, Newton, MA
Roberta Meyers, Boston, MA
Brian Cali, Arlington, MA
Sophia Evett, Arlington, MA
Christine Letts, Boston, MA
Betsy Groban, Cambridge, MA
mary driscoll, Boston, MA
Kristina Creque, Blacksburg, VA
Erin Bennett, Brookline, MA
Emily Gronlund, Newton, MA
Niki Radvany, Somerville, MA
Lynne Hall, Cambridge, MA
Holly Grose, Salem, MA
Lisa Swarn, East Windsor, MA
Renée Graham, Holliston, MA
Rebecca G Pontikes, Cambridge, MA
Bella Cavicchi, Providence, RI
Julia Hendrix, Medford, MA
Christine Fiorello, Medford, MA
Kathleen Regan, Medford, MA
melanie thompson, Lexington, MA
Fariba Houman, Cambridge, MA
Ashley Burke, Somerville, MA
MJ Halberstadt, Northampton, MA
Terry Kidd, Beverly, MA
Viviana Vargas, New Hyde Park, NY
Sara Kenney, Brighton, MA
Emma Quinn, Brookline, MA
Mary Hurd, Roxbury, MA
Karina Wen, Boston, MA
Rachel Greene, Somerville, MA
Kendal Hooper-Marsh, Bridgewater, MA
Alyssa Germaine, Attleboro, MA
Eric Markowitz, Commack, NY
Roseanna Miller, Rockville Centre, NY
Kelley Holley, Takoma Park, MD
Daniel richman, Somerville, MA
Rebecca Bradshaw, Boston, MA
Josephine Elwood, Boston, MA
Hannah Estabrook, Medford, MA
Elizabeth Cahill, Jamaica Plain, MA
Halley Geringer, New York, NY
Dev M Luthra, Jamaica Plain, MA


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